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Personal Finance and Investing Books, just in time for tax season

Random Walk Down Wall Street

This book is a classic and easy-to-understand guide to understanding financial markets and the many instruments and opportunities available to average investors. What sets this book apart isn’t just Mallkiel’s descriptions of financial assets but his commentary: he tells you what is too expensive (actively managed funds, for instance), what to buy at different times of your life and for different income and tax levels.
I Will Teach You to be Rich This book is an expert guide to personal finance: author Ramit Sethi addresses the psychology of saving money and digging out of debt; he explores the power of compound interest and the importance of saving early; and there are important chapters about how to buy a car, pay for a wedding or save for college.
 The Four Pillars of Investing This book compares favorable to John Bogle’s investing guidebooks, but with more easy-to understand explanations of the theory behind efficient markets and why the best strategy is to focus on low costs and broad market ownership. An excellent book for anyone looking to invest for retirement.
 Women and Money Straight-talking money guru Suze Orman equips us with the knowledge and confidence needed to overcome the mental and emotional blocks and take control of our financial destinies.
 Retirement Planning This is a one-stop resource to get up to speed on the critical steps needed to ensure you spend your golden years living in the lap of luxury - or at least in the comfort of your own home. When attempting to plan for retirement, web searching alone can cause you more headaches than answers, leaving many to feel overwhelmed and defeated. This book takes the guesswork out of the subject and guides readers while they plan for the largest financial obligation of their life.
 Common Sense Investing Over the course of his long career, Bogle - founder of the Vanguard Group and creator of the world's first index mutual fund - has relied primarily on index investing to help Vanguard's clients build substantial wealth. Now, with The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, he wants to help you do the same. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this book will show you how to incorporate this proven investment strategy into your portfolio. 
 Money Soluntions Christine Benz, the director of personal finance at Morningstar, brings her years of wisdom to this smart guide. This book breaks down important financial decisions into easily digestible chunks that will take you less than 30 minutes to digest. Chapters look at saving for college, tax loss harvesting, and evaluating your employer’s deferred compensation plan. 
 Intelligent Investor This book, from legendary value investor Benjamin Graham, was published in 1949 and has been treated as a stock market bible ever since. His strategies will teach you how to avoid costly errors and to develop long-term strategies for growth. This isn’t a get rich quick book but rather a get rich slowly book.
 Personal Finance In this book for teens and young adults, you will learn how to get and manage credit, how to make and stick to a budget, how to save for college, how to determine your needs versus your wants, how to pay for a car, how to finance college, how to manage risk, how to open a bank account, how to write a check, how to balance a checkbook, how to avoid the pressures of consumerism, and how to avoid financial mistakes.
This book gives children a foundation in how to spend and save money. Using simple sentences, this book combines common sense financial information in a format designed for children.
  Designed for pre-teens, this book will teach kids to make money and how to save it and spend it wisely and responsibly.
 You're Fifty A practical guide to financial planning for middle-aged Americans; this book outlines a program for assessing one's financial worth, determining the needs of the future, and putting one's money to work in order to provide financial security.